Cold Brew Hemp Tea with Ginger & Lemon

Cold Brew Hemp Tea with Ginger & Lemon

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Hot Cyprus Summers need a lot of hydration and cold ass, refreshing drinks. 


Cold brewed teas are great as they're less acidic than traditionally boiled tea. The extra 12 hours in the fridge are worth the smoother, more refined flavour of the cold brew tea.

Hemp Tea is made up from the leaves and smaller buds of the cannabis plant and makes for a smooth and refreshing summer drink. For this recipe we use Tisanapa Hemp Tea with Lemon Balm as the base of the infusion.



Tisanapa Hemp Tea with Lemon Balm 

1/2 Lemon


Organic Hemp Honey (optional)



Add the tea to a litre of fresh water (add to taste - we used 1/3 of a packet)

Cut Ginger into thin strips (make sure to peel it)

Cut 1/2 a lemon into thin strips

Mix everything together in a jug and allow it to brew in the fridge for 12 hours


To serve the finished tea, filter out the tea and plant material. A french press or large meshed filter will do the trick.

Serve over ice.

Add lemon slices, mint leaves and honey to taste (optional).



*Adding some CBD Oil is also a possibility ;)




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