Cookies SF Rolling Tray 2.0 - Limited Edition Red/Black


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The Cookies SF Rolling Tray 2.0 is a multifunctional rolling tray that comes with a removable small ray, perfect for making rolling at home or on the go effortless. Use the larger section of the tray to roll your smokes like usual, while the smaller tray can slide out so you can use it as a mini travel tray, or even as an ashtray!

- Small holders run along the top and bottom edge of the tray are there to hold anything from your pre-rolled cones, hand-rolled smokes and even dab tools.

- A larger holder at the bottom is perfect for either a lighter or even up to an 18mm flower bowl while the slit on the left side holds up to a King Size pack of your favorite Rolling Papers.  This Cookies tray has a place for everything!

Fully Assembled Size: 30 x 15.5cm

Small Removable Tray Size: 8 x 15.5cm

Enjoy ;)

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