Happease Focus CBD Oil Jungle Spirit (1000mg/2000mg/4000mg)


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A true synergy of full-spectrum distillate and terpene formula. All the benefits of Full spectrum hemp extracted CBD oil and specially devised terpene profiles designed to give a feeling of Calm and provide much needed Focus.


Available in 3 strengths

- 1000mg

- 2000mg

- 4000mg

The unique terpene formulation is specially designed to give this full extract oil an additional edge. Unique terpenes and cannabinoids are added to the full spectrum oil so as to create more effective solutions for relief/ relaxation/ sleep/ focus or day to day balance.

Pinene is the most abundant terpene in the Jungle spirit. It is characterized by a sharp, sweet and pine aroma and is also found in pine needles, conifers or sage

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