Krush x The BullDog - Krush Eco Cube Grinder - PINK/BLUE/BLACK/GREEN


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A collaboration between The Bulldog Amsterdam and Krush Premium Grinders. 

The KRUSH Grinder Eco Cube is the perfect addition to The Bulldog range of smoking products, the innovative tooth design allows for flowers to ‘fluff’ up; making shredding flowers easy than ever before. The ‘fluffing’ process turns pieces of the flower into the ideal size for rolling and smoking to provide the perfect airflow.

The Eco-Cube is square, the ergonomic design and smooth contours make it gentle on the hands of the user, no matter how dense the flowers packed inside.


    • ABS Shell
    • Pink
    • Forged Anodized Aluminium Core
    • 54mm x 54mm x 36mm
    • 130 grams

This is a sleek looking grinder that will last a lifetime

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