SLX Grinder Aluminium Non Sticky 62mm - Leaf Green


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A Unique Herb Grinder

You won’t ever need another grinder once you get your hands on the SLX 2.5 Non-Stick Grinder. This “Mother of all Grinders” 4-part grinder is manufactured to precision from extra strong aerospace-grade aluminium and will last a lifetime! Nothing will ever stick with the SLX 2.5’s non-stick ceramic coating inside and outside which is 100% non-toxic with no harmful Teflon or PTFE.

Main Features of the SLX V2.5 Grinder

  • It NEVER Sticks.
  • NO Teflon, PTFE, or other toxic chemicals.
  • Ultra-low friction ceramic coating.
  • Repels water and oils.
  • Formulated to eliminate friction and prevent debris build-up on the cutting area.
  • Cerami-Coat provides an effortless grind and annihilates “cleaning” from your vocabulary.
  • SLX shatters every expectation of what a perfect herb grinder should be.