Cannadips - American Spice 10mg pouches (15 total)

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While we know lots of guys who dip really enjoy a traditional Straight taste, we felt that our modern alternative to traditional dip called for something a little different.  American Spice is a new taste, suitable for our tobacco-free and nicotine-free dip pouches. Our American Spice CBD pouches feature a careful blend of cinnamon and chocolate with a hint of craft coffee. It is more spicy than sweet so whether you enjoy it everyday or as a change up in your set, we believe it is a flavor you can enjoy for a while.


Our comments: This is basically the CBD version of snus. It's placed between the lips and the gums and slowly drips a strong Chocolatey/spicey flavour infused with high quality, broad spectrum American hemp.


100% Tobacco & Nicotine Free

These are not for swallowing!