Krush Kube 3 Metallic Grinder - Black Noir/ Stone Grey/ Rose Gold

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Shredding your favourite herbal mix has never been so easy!

The innovative tooth design in this 3-piece grinder allows herbs and flowers to fluff up during the process. This precise "fluffing"  ensures the perfect particle size for rolling and smoking, allowing the perfect air ratio to flow through the joint. It's science bay-beh!

The new 3.0 also features a sift screen to collect your personal sift/ pollen ;)

The Krush grinders are square in form and perfectly gentle in hands.

Smooth contours are easy to turn, no matter how dense the flower material is.

This thing is heavy! and it feels smooth af. Really a beautiful piece of engineering for the serious stoners out there.

This 3-piece Kube grinder is durable, innovative and beautiful.

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