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Combining CBD with breaking truffles allows consumers to enjoy the benefits of CBD with all the biological and sensory pleasure by tasting the tasty anandamides of the truffle thus activating your palate and your endo-cannabinoid receptors with an extended duration, thanks to CBD.

The finest gourmets will appreciate this unique recipe in the world, allowing experienced Chefs to create extraordinary dishes.

The best way to consume this product in a simple and delicious way, for example, is to add the Golden Buds CBD breaking truffles onto a toast or pasta or risotto.

How is Golden Truffles CBD made?

Golden Buds, CBD Golden truffle is made from truffles from Gard, Vaucluse and Bouches du Rhône. The truffles are selected for their flavor, healthy appearance, and full maturity. These are the conditions for obtaining a very good quality breaking truffle. Truffles, which grow in stony soil, in the middle of the scrubland, have a quirky appearance, more difficult to brush, but offer an extraordinary fragrance when they reach full maturity. These are mainly Tuber Melanosporum and Tuber Brumale. They are collected from January to March, before this period they have hardly reached maturity. These are the first winter frosts that successively bring the fullness and blooming of truffles. Regarding Tuber Aestivum or Saint John’s Truffles which are harvested from mid-April to mid-August. It prefers soils predominantly calcium-magnesium, drained, rich in fine and coarse granulations. It has the particularity of fruiting very close to the surface of the soil and grows in symbiosis with hazelnuts, oaks, beeches, etc. Our Golden Truffles made of breaking truffles are packaged in one kilo cans, then sterilized for the first time, before being assembled to make Golden Buds CBD Golden Truffles. Add to this tasty breaking truffles, cannabinoidiol (CBD) which is obtained from natural hemp cultivated with respect for nature without chemicals. The CBD is first finely mixed with extra virgin olive oil from the Beaux de Provences valley, with a controlled designation of origin and then add to the breaking truffles to deliver Golden CBD truffles full potential.


Preparation based on broken truffles with CBD, (Summer Truffle 65% Brumale Truffle 12% Black Truffle 3%) to be mentioned in its entirety. Tuber aestivum (Saint John’s truffle) 65%. Black winter truffles 15% (brumale, various) Tuber melanosporum min 3%, olive oil from the Beaux de Provence valley 10%, Trumpet of death 5%, Salt Truffle aroma.

1% cannabidiol (CBD), or 250mg CBD for a 25gr jar.