VERDESATIVA - Delicate – Intimate and Body format 500ml


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Ultra-delicate cleanser, suitable for intimate parts and the whole body. Due to its dermocompatibility, it can be applied to delicate, dry and flaky skin, on the hands and face and is also indicated for infants and children. 

Can be used in outpatient settings and is recommended for pregnant women and women who have recently given birth. Adjuvant in the treatment of menopause problems and vaginal dryness as an alternative to normal bubble baths. 

  • Hemp, Chamomile, Myrtle and Rose have a soothing, restorative and protective action on the skin 
  • Mint, Fennel, and Lavender perform a refreshing, toning, and stimulating action. 
Easy to rinse off due to its low foaminess, this product is excellent for frequent washing and for male and female intimate hygiene.

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