Rolls – VIP Elements, 6mm Specialised Filters for js (80 in box)


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The filter tips of Rolls® are especially designed to prevent scratchy throat, cough, hot smoke and inhaling harmful substances.


Unique laser technology created "cooler" allows smoke to regulate in temperature, so you can enjoy your herbal mixture.

The holes in the top part create a vacuum around the perimeter of the filter and the mixture always has "great draught"

When used correctly Rolls are able to eliminate most impurities, and can stop many more harmful substances passing through than normal filters.

Designed in an optimal size, they are easy to roll and easy to hold, just wrap 1/2 of the filter inside the rolling paper and continue as usual.


These in our opinion are the ideal size for rolling and better than the 8mm version which are better for blunts/ thicker rolls.

 These won the CannaFest Prague Award for "Best Product"


 Turbo Cooling System
 Elimination of waste
 Easy to roll


Diameter 6mm

Length 35mm


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